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How to nail your video audition

Putting your best foot forward in video auditions can be hard! You want to make sure you are being your authentic self, as well as tick all the boxes for the school you're auditioning for. With video auditions becoming the norm for fulltime dance schools Australia wide, we've collated these helpful tips to give you a one up in your video audition for fulltime.

1. Read what is required for your audition.

Make sure you have read through exactly what the school is asking for in your application. At Ettingshausens PRO, we usually ask for a fully completed application form, a personal introduction to camera, a minimum of 2 solos in your strongest styles and your current headshot and dance CV. Other schools may have different requirements, like singing or acting reels, and it's important you don't miss these on your application to show that you pay attention to detail. Make a list of everything you need and tick them off as you gather your files so you can visually see what you need.

2. Hit Record.

At Ettingshausens PRO we don't mind if you record your video audition on your phone or if it is filmed with a proper DSLR/Video Camera - we find that the quality of the videos we receive from phones is high enough that we can see your movement clearly. If you are asked to submit specific choreography that you need to learn, make sure you choose an open space, free from obstructions and clutter. If you don't have access to a dance studio, you could even film it in a school hall or another large, clear room. Think about what is in the shot and remove anything that could distract the viewer from your performance. Lastly, make sure you stay in the frame the whole time!

3. Glow up!

This one comes naturally to dancers! Make sure you are well groomed and presentable for your introduction to camera and solos. Remember you want to put your best self forward, so wear something flattering that suits you and shows off your personality and style. If the audition requires you to wear something specific, make sure you adhere to those requirements. If you are filming fresh content for you application, think about what you are wearing and the style of your hair - these are little details that go a long way.

4. Be Unique.

At Ettingshausens PRO we appreciate when we see an audition that has something special and unique about it. This could be how you film your personal introduction - like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde - or what you choose to submit in your application. If you are able to submit extra files, make a 'special skills' or 'singing reel' and submit that along with your application.

5. Be Yourself.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do in a video audition is to be yourself. Performing and talking to a camera doesn't come naturally to everyone - and the plus side of video auditions is that if you aren't happy with the take, you can do another one! We recommend taking 3 or 4 different version and choosing the best. You'll find you will settle in to the script or choreography and perform much better a few takes in. Of course, there is no magic number for a good take, so don't settle until you are 100% happy with your shot.

If you want to know more about Ettingshausens PRO and auditioning for fulltime we are more than happy to answer any of your questions. Simply fill out our Contact Us form and we'll get back to you!

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